lumbini is the land where Lord Buddha was born over 2,500 years ago. Roughly Nepal has rectangular in shape, The land extends approximately 885 km east to west, and 193 km north to south. Nepal is primarily an agricultural country. Tourism, carpets and garments are the major industries. For its size, Nepal surprisingly contains the greatest altitudinal variation on this planet.




For the visitors to lumbini few importance places to visit observe are:

Mayadevi Temple

The temple of Mayadevi , the mother of Buddha is located close to the Ashoka pillar. The statue of Mayadevi is made out of the stone which is believed to be 2000 years old. People worship Mayadevi as well as Rupadevi.

Puskar Pond
To the south of Mayadevi temple lies Puskar pond where Mayadevi took bath before giving birth to Buddha took his purifying bath in the same pond.

Lumbini Garden
The whole area of lumbini is considered as a garden. Many monasteries have been built through the help of different countries like Thailand , Srilanka, and Japan .
The whole area of lumbini Garden is going to be converted in to the international Center for Buddhist pilgrimage and studies. Professor kenzo Tange, a Japanese architech, developed the master plan of Lumbini.