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This year we have 14 members in Imagine Nepal Ama Dablam Expedition2019 and their summit date are 

2019-10-16: Congratulations to Ms Qu Jiao Jiao for your summit on Ama Dablam. She is our first client to summit Ama Dablam for this year with her personal climbing Sherpa, Kilu Pemba. Our other team member are still doing acclimatization and some will be coming to Nepal on 23rd October and 28th October.

31-Oct-2019:Ms Zhaodan and her sherpa nyima dorjee sherpa   summit Ama Dablam .


Our another team on Ama Dablam made summit at 8:45am local time.
1. Ms Dawa Futi Sherpa 
2.Mr Dawa Gyalje Sherpa 
3. Mr Nima Dorjee Sherpa
4. Mr Phurba Chottar Sherpa 
5. Mr Zhou Xuzhong 
6. Ms Chen Yuelang
Congratulations to the team.

2019-11-26:Mr Zhou Xuzhong and Phurba Chottar Sherpa  on the summit of Ama Dablam.

here we close our Imagine Nepal Ama Dablam  Expediiton2019 with succeeded all our members dream .