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2018 Everest Expedition photo news update : pictures 


Lhotse Summit on 29-04-2018:  

   Today at 11:30am our Lhotse team reached on the top of Lhotse(8516m). and our lhotse team made the record for the season`s first ascent of mountains above 8000 metres. Congrats to our Lhotse team members.

Summiters List

Mr Mingma G

Mr Liu Yongzhong -China

Ms Dong Hong Juan -China

Ms Nima Jangmu Sherpa ,

Mr kili (Kilu) Pemba Sherpa 

Mr Tamting Sherpa . 

Himalayan Times(news paper)



                                                   Our Everest Summit Push update

 08MAY  EBC  CAMP1  news paper: our 1st team reach camp1 safely
 09MAY   CAMP1   CAMP2  Our first and second team members reached safely at camp2 . our second and third team will  leave camp2 on day after tomorrow early morning and will go to  camp3.
 10MAY   CAMP2   CAMP3  Our first team members and supporters are reach safely at camp3 and they all are in good condition.
 11MAY   CAMP2   CAMP3

 Today our second team will reach at camp3 .

 sorry for late update . our first team was reached safely at camp4. and our second and team were took rest on camp3 because everest  route fixing team couldn't fix rope to summit today and hopefully get fixed by tomorrow. As a result our half team took rest at camp3 and half at camp4. Now our summit will be on 14may.
 13MAY  camp3

today our first team will reach camp5 and second team will reach camp4. Good news is that rope fixing team could fix the rope till summit on this afternoon. congrats .  tonight 8:00pm our second team will start to push everest summit and our first team will start 12:00am to push the summit. 


Summit day

back to CAMP4

 Our team reached Everest summit this morning .

Congratulations to all member 

Mr. XiaBoYu -China

Mr. liu Yi -China

Ms. wu jie -China

Mr. lok kee siu -China

Mr. Mikey Foreal -Canada

Mr.Ajie hu -China

Mr.Gao li -China

Mr Tamting Sherpa -Nepal

Mr. kili pemba sherpa -Nepal

Mr. Pasang Gomba sherpa -Nepal

Mr. Ang Tsering Sherpa -Nepal

Mr.Dendi Sherpa -Nepal

Mr. Dawa Gyalje Sherpa -Nepal

Ms.Nima jangmu Sherpa -Nepal


Mr Xia BO Yu becames oldest Chinese to climb Everest.

Mr Xia also became first Double Amputee to reach Everest from South Side of Everest.

Outside magazine


Ms.Nima jangmu become first Nepalese woman to summit Everest and Lhotse together in one season.