Ramdung stands at a height of 5,925 meters. It is situated south of Na village in the upper Rolwaling region and is one of a cluster of peaks surrounding Yalung La. It provides an access to upper Rolwaling from the south. It proved to be an ideal summit for commercial trekking and climbing groups before closure of the Rolwaling. The normal route to this mountain, through the glaciers of North-East Flank, is straightforward. The mountain offers a panoramic view of mountain ranges from Langtang to Everest and also a splendid view of Gauri Shankar and Menlungtse, Chobutse, Cheki-go, Bamung Go and Na chu-Go.


Trekking:  Camping




Days 01: Arrival at Kathmandu; transfer to the Hotel

Days 02: Drive to Gonkur-Khola

Days 03: Trek to Simigaon

Days 04: Trek to Dongkang

Days 05: Trek to Beding

Days 06: Trek to Na

Days 07: Acclimatization at Na

Days 08: Trek to Ramdung Base camp

Days 09: Trek to High camp

Days 10: Summit and back to Base camp

Days 11: Trek to Na

Days 12: Rest Day at Na

Days 13: Trek to Beding

Days 14: Trek to Dongkang

Days 15: Trek to Simi Gaun

Days 16: Trek to Chet-chet and drive back to kathmandu

Days 17: Rest at Kathmandu and sight seen day

Days 18: Departure on your own destination



1- You can also climb Yalung peak.  Yalung is easy and beautiful peak for beginners.

2- You can also do Tashi-Lapchha pass after climbing Ramdung http://withsherpa.com/?p=2099