Gasherbrum II, the second last peak in eight thousand meter ranking, is situated on the North West of Baltoro Glacier, just besides Hidden Peak. Having spectacular neighborhood of K-2, Gasherbrum I, Broad Peak, Gasherbrum IV, Chogolisa and Golden Throne, Gasherbrum II attracts big number of alpinists every year. It is an ideal peak to start high mountain climbing. The climb is not as difficult as Hidden Peak but still considered a worthy experience. Initial climb up to camp I has many crevasses.

The Austrian Karakoram Expedition led by Firtz Moravec made the summit through left Buttress of South Face (normal route) on July 8, 1956. The successful climbers were; Firtz Moravec, Josef Larch, and Hans Willenpart. 

Reinhold Messner made a made the historic attempt by continuously traversing both Gasherbrum I and Gasherbrum II with his companion Has Kammerlander in 1984.

 Quick Look

Altitude: 8035 m, 26,358 feet
Position: 13th highest
First ascent: July 9, 1956 by Josef Larch, Fritz Moravec, Hans Willenpart

Death Rate after summit:  2.22%
Facts: Some years back Gasherbrum-II is also known as K4. It is regarded as one of the easiest 8000m peaks. The huge icefall, crevasses, some steep climbing on snow and the exposure on the final part are challenging part on it.


    Gasherbrum-II summit on 25-July-2019

Trip 2021

Mountain:      Gasherbrum-II

Position:         13th Highest Mountain

Country:         Pakistan

Name:             Imagine Nepal Int'l Gasherbrum-II Expedition 2021

Arrival in Pakistan:              15-06-2021

Departure from Pakistan:    30-07-2021

Total duration:     45 days in Pakistan

Total Space:         10 Persons

Price:     24,500/- USD per person with Sherpa from Nepal

                  14,500/- USD per person with Sherpa from Pakistan


Price:    For G1 and G2 together.

                35,500/- USD per person with Sherpa from Nepal

                   18,500/- USD per person with Sherpa from Pakistan

Gasherbrum-2 Expeditions pictures

Imagine Nepal Trek and Expeditions achievements  



Day 01              Flight from Origion

Day 02             Arrival in Islamabad 585m in Pakistan

Day 03             Briefing at Ministry of Tourism

Day 04              Fly to Skardu – 2228m

Day 05               Final Preparation in Skardu

Day 06              Drive Skardu to Askoli 2600m and camping starts from here.

Day 07              Trek from Askoli to Jula 3185m

Day 08              Trek fromJula to Paiju 3383m

Day 09              Rest day in Paiju 3383m

Day 10              Trek from Paiyu to Urdukus 4130m

Day 11              Trek from Urdukus to Goro-II 4250m

Day 12              Trek form Goro-II to Shagharing 4530m

Day 13              Trek to Gasherbrum Base Camp 5000m

Days 14-41      Climbing Days Reserved for Ascend of Gasherbrum-II

  • Camp 1 is at 5,900 metres / 19,357 ft.
  • Camp 2 is at 6,900 metres / 22,630 ft.
  • Camp 3 is at 7,400 metres / 24,278 ft.
  • Summit at 8,035 metres / 26,362 ft.

Day 42              Trek back Gasherbrum Base Camp to Goro-II

Day 43              Trek from Goro-II to Urdukus

Day 44              Trek from Urdukus to Paiju

Day 45             Trek from Paiju to Korofong

Day 46             Trek from Korofong to Askoli and Skardu

Day 47             Flight from Skardu to Islamabad

Day 48              Departure 

Cost Includes

Cost Includes:-

1.G2 Climbing Permit and other required permit of both member and personnel sherpa

2.Liaison Officer’s fee

3.1member: 1climbing Sherpa from Nepal

4.Oxygen (3  cylinders to climbing member and 2 for climbing sherpa)

5.Latest Mask Regulator Set (TopOut mask with spare incase of damage)

6.Staff insurance (climbing Sherpa, Kitchen staff and porters)

  1. Allowance for Sherpa & other staffs
  2. Lodging & Fooding during trekking and Expedition

9.2ways Flight Ticket : Islamabadh – Skardu- Islamabadh

10.Transfer in Pakistan

  1. Hotel in Pakistan on BB plan (Bed and Breakfast)
  2. Group Climbing gear ( rope, ice crew, snow bar, Epi gas, cooking pots and others)
  3. Tents and food in Base camp and High camps. 

14.Kitchen Staffs at Base camp 

  1. Porter to BC & back

16.Solar set at Base camp

17.Generator (for charging high voltage electronic devices)

18.Communication (walkieTalkie)

19.Weather Report based from Swiss Forecast

20.Satellite phone service with fixed calling charge

Cost Excludes

Cost Excludes:-

  1. International Airfare

2.Summit Bonus to personnel climbing Sherpa of  1000/-USD

  1. Member’s Personal climbing equipments.

4.Personal climbing Insurance.

  1. Pakistan Visa fee
  2.  Helicopter Rescue if needed

7.Alcoholic drinks

  1. Tips to Staffs



1.    Sunglass Normal-1
2.    Casual Clothing for travel and Kathmandu-1set
3.    Polypropylene shirt or T-Shirt-4-5
4.    Warm fleece inner-2
5.    Fleece jacket    -1
6.     Wind Jacket-1
7.    Down suit-1
8.    Down Jacket-1
9.    Down pant-1
10.    Light weight trouser-1
11.    Heavy weight trousers
12.    Fleece trouser-1
13.    Wind pants-1
14.    Polypropylene long Jons-1
15.    Underwear-5
16.    Light weight-1
17.    Light weight gloves-1
18.    Down Mitts-1
19.    Heavy mitts-1
20.    Ski Gloves-1
21.    Sun Hat-1
22.    Warm Hat-1
23.    Headband/buff-1
24.    Light weight walking shocks-6
25.    Climbing shocks-4
26.    Rain coat or Umbrella for trekking-1

1.    Climbing Boots-1
2.   Plastic/leather boots-1
3.    Trekking boots-1
4.    Gaiter-1

1.     Sun and-1
2.     lip care -1
3.    Personal first aid kit-1
4.    Repair kit like (needle, threat) 
5.    Reading materials 
6.    Diary and Writing material
7.    Camera/video camera


1.    Harness-1
2.    Unlock karabiners -3
3.    Screw/lock karabiners-3
4.    Descender/fig.8/-1
5.    Ascender/Jumor-1
6.    Tape slings-2
7.    Set prussic loops-2
8.    Ice Axe- 1
9.    Retractable poles- 1 set
10.    Crampons-1
11.    Helmet-1
12.    Head Lamp-2
13.    Batteries- 4sets/4times changeable 
14.    Sunglass with UV rays protection-1
15.    Googles-1
16.    Water bottle-1
17.    Pee Bottle-1
18.    Ruck sack- 45-55ltr -1

1. Sleeping Bag (30°c)-1or 2
2. Thermarest mat-1



2019:  Our Imagine Nepal Int'l Gasherbrum-II Expedition team made to summit On 25th July. The summiters  are 
1. Mingma G- Rolwaling, Nepal
2. Tamting Sherpa-Rolwaling, Nepal
3. Thundu Sherpa-Rolwaling, Nepal
4. Mingma Tenzi Sherpa-Makalu,Nepal
5. Passang Namgel Sherpa- Khumjung,Nepal
6. Kami Temba Sherpa-Thame,Nepal
7. Hari Tomas Mix-USA
8. Naoki Ishikawa-Japan
9. Vernon Edward Tejas-USA
All the Sherpa including Hari made to summit without use of oxygen.

The Himalayan Times:

2016: We organized our first expedition on Gasherbrum-II in 2016. Our team made summit on 26-July-2016.

  1. Dawa Gyalje Sherpa-Nepal
  2. Liu Yong Zhong -China

3.Ali Reza Sadpara-Pakistan.  8 climbers made Gasherbrum-II ncluding our 3. Our team were the key persons for GII success. 


Note: Itinerary can be changes as per clients' wish and weather condition

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