2018 Kanchenjunga expedition news update and pictures 

Here we start our 2018 kanchenjunga expedition . we have one member,three sherpa and leader Mingma G.

10-04-2018: Our kanchenjunga sherpa Phu Galjen and Nawang Rakpa are  departed from Kathmandu for the preparation of expedition.

20-05-2018: Today  our team  one member and sherpa  Ms.Nima jangmu and leader Mr Mingma G head to the  Kanchenjunga BC.

21-05-2018: today our team reach at camp2. tomorrow morning our team will move to camp3.

22-05-2018: Today morning 10am our team reach at camp3.  Our team planned  to leave camp3 for summit at 7pm tonight.

23-05-2018: Our team reached kanchenjunga summit this morning .Congratulations our member Ms Dong hong juan  and leader Mr Mingma and sherpa  Phu Galjen, Nawang Rakpa and Ms Nima jangmu. Nima jangmu sherpa made historic ascent on Kanchenjunga. she became first Lady to climb 3* 8000m peaks( Mt. Everest 8848m , Mt. Lhotse8516m and Mt.kanchenjunga ) in one season.i.e in 25days. She also became first and only Nepalese female on kanchenjunga in first season 2018, she has  not just showed her physical strength and willpower but also showed that women can do same thing as what mans did. (womens empowerment) Congratulation Nima jangmu sherpa and thanks for inspiring  others (women) in around the world. 

12:00pm : Our team arrived back to camp3 and they  are going to take one hour rest and then will continue to descent down.

05:00pm : Our kanchenjunga team members safely arrived back to base camp. We are very thankful to our strong sherpa team for this successful and historic ascent.

27-05-2018: Today our team will arrive to kathmandu and Everest summiter club has organised  the congratulate program to Nima jangmu sherpa for making world record(3*8000m in one season). here we conclute our 2018 kanchenjunga expedition with great achievement .