This is year we have 9members including sherpa and leader in Imagine Nepal Int'l Gasherbrum-II Expedition 2019

22nd july 2019:  Tomorrow our  10 members of K2 team and sherpas will be heading to G2.

25th July 2019:Many Many Congratulations to our G2 team. They made to summit of G2 which stands 8035m from sea levels and 13th highest mountain in the world. 
1. Mingma G- Rolwaling, Nepal
2. Tamting Sherpa-Rolwaling, Nepal
3. Thundu Sherpa-Rolwaling, Nepal
4. Mingma Tenzi Sherpa-Makalu,Nepal
5. Passang Namgel Sherpa- Khumjung,Nepal
6. Kami Temba Sherpa-Thame,Nepal
7. Hari Tomas Mix-USA
8. Naoki Ishikawa-Japan
9. Vernon Edward Tejas-USA
All the Sherpa including Hari made to summit without use of oxygen.

The Himalayan Times:

31 july2019: Our G2 team are  back to Skardu after making summit of Gasherbrum-II on 25th July between 7:40 to 10:48am by 9 members of our team.