As per our clients demand and wish to climb K2. We organize Imagine Nepal  K2 Expedition 2019  and Imagine Nepal Broad Peak  Expedition 2019.

14th june 2019:  Our sherpas and staff are depart from kathmandu to Pakistan.

15th june 2019: Our all members are arrive at Islamabad .

21st June:  Our team will drive to Ashkoli which is around 7-8 hours drive.
22nd June: Our team will trek from Ashkoli to Jula which will be around 5 hours trek
23rd June: We will trek to paiyu which takes around 6 hours
24th June: we trek on Baltoro Glacier to Urdukas
25th June: Trek to Goro-II where we will camp on glacier
26th June: we will trek to Irani camp which is near to Broad Peak base camp.
3rd july 2019:Today we had puja in our base camp. Trying to fix our internet for further connection.
We arrived base camp on 28June and then we started working on route fixing on 1st July up to camp1 and yesterday we made it to camp2.
Because of too much traffic on Abruzzi route, we choose Cesen route for this year to avoid accident and traffic.
All is going well till now and we have great view of K2 everyday. Weather surprises us this year with clear sky everyday.
Tomorrow climbing members will go to camp1 on K2 and back to Base Camp. Broad peak team will spend a night in camp2 and then go camp3.
Picture from camp2 yesterday.

4th july 2019:Today our Pakistani Tigers and Nepalese Sherpa finished carrying loads to camp2 on Cesen Route. We fixed rope to camp1 on 1st July and rope to camp2 on 2nd July. Tomorrow Garret Madission Team will fix rope to camp3 and hopefully above too. Hopefully we can fix camp4 within next week if the weather remains same. 
First Broad peak summit made today noon and our team is now in camp2. If all go ok then we expect our two members go Summit tomorrow night on Broad Peak.

5th july2019:The weather on K2 kept us surprising everyday with mostly clear skies which I didn’t experience in my previous 2014,2016 and 2017 K2 expeditions. Today Madission team fixed the rope to camp3 and tomorrow our team is heading on mountain for acclimatization and fixing route to camp4 which can be expected on Monday if the weather remains stable.Our Broad peak team is heading back to base camp for rest. spending a night at camp3. All is going well and expected to go well.

11th july2019:Our team just started summit push on Broad Peak from Camp3. Tobias from Germany, Hari from USA, Sirbaz from Pakistan, Pemba Tshering and Phur Galjen Sherpa from Nepal are in team. K2 team is now back to base camp for final rest before going to summit in next week.

12th july 2019:Many Many Congratulations to Broad Peak team. The 5 members team reached the summit at 2pm local time.Summiter are
Phur Galjen Sherpa 🇳🇵 Chhanyak 
Pemba Tshering Sherpa 🇳🇵 khumjung
Tobias Schwab  
Hari Thomas 
Sirbaz Khan 

14th july 2019: Broad Peak team today arrived back to base camp and Some members of Broad Peak and K2 will be heading back to home tomorrow morning.
Remaining K2 team will start their journey for final summit push tomorrow morning from base camp. Our plan is to get summit on 18July morning before high wind starts. 

 8:54pm :Today our Sherpa team is in camp3 and tomorrow morning they will go to camp4 with rope for fixing summit to support team from Abruzzi and also transfer our load to camp4.
Half of members are in camp2 now and will climb to camp3 tomorrow and remaining members will climb up to camp2 tomorrow from base camp. All is well and weather is pretty good.

17th july 2019: leader Mingma G update on his facebook, that "I am leading one of the best team ever on K2 this year. Here is our team from K2 Expedition 2019. I just got our members list who are on game. Our members who left back home are not here on list and I also don’t have our Pakistan Climber on the list as I don’t have enough information on them. And very thankful to all Pakistani cooking staffs and Porters who plays vital role in making expeditions successful remaining within Shadows. Our all team will reach K2 camp4 today and will push to summit tomorrow morning.
Note: Mr Vernon and Ms Hao are already in camp4 with their Sherpa yesterday as they planned to take rest in camp4 and other members are now on the way to camp4."

9:14 pm: Working hard whole the day and fixing to BOTTLE NECK TRAVERSE, the 7 Summit fixing team returned back to camp4 for some rest. Mingma Tenzi And Pemba Tsering from our team left camp4 for fixing remaining way to summit. Also Dawa dai from 7 Summit will be sending back up support team to fix the rope to summit. 
The summit team from different team will start for summit in few minutes or hours. Our members team is starting at 10pm except Ms Hao. Ms Hao is trying K2 without oxygen so she is leaving within half an hour. I will be updating all news within few hours again.

18th july 2019:Our Sherpa Mingma Tenzi and Pemba Tshering tried to break the trail but it is almost impossible to go up from BOTTLE NECK TRAVERSE. They said snow is too deep and condition is not good to go further. At that sloppy, the snow level is higher than Mingma’s height so they decided not to take risk and not to put other climbers in danger. All are getting back to camp4 now. Our team members are already in tents and we will discuss further more tomorrow.

18th july 2019:So our K2 team is now descending back to base camp. It’s very hard decision to turn back but safety at the end is our choice. We are hopeful with the summit success but we are not in a mood to go through that unstable snow conditions and meet the accident. We can try again being alive.

19th july 2019:Our K2 team is back to base camp now. We are almost sure not to make another attempt because of too snow above bottle neck. If it was just deep snow then we can still try but there is danger of avalanches. So best decision would be not to put anyone’s life in danger.

21th july 2019:Our K2 expedition is closed. 4 of our K2 members are in Skardu now. Tomorrow we 10 members of K2 team will be heading to G2. If we push hard then we can still success K2 but there is too much risk and can take lives which nobody want. So we say bye to K2 for this year and come next year to find safer route on K2 which will not touch Bottle Neck part. We will prepare ourselves with ladders, drill machine and bolts to follow the rocky route which shows almost 💯 % safer to reach the summit. There was someone in Garret’s team who had this idea and the route was tried in 1938. So same route we will follow for next year. This can be best option if we can make it next year.