This year we have 8 members for Everest expedition and 6 members for lhotse Expedition . 

20-03-2019:  Our Sherpa and staffs team departed from Kathmandu for setting base camp

25-03-2019: Our sherpa and staffs team reached base camp and now busy in setting base camp

08-04-2019:  Our Everest and Lhotse team memberes are reach in Kathmandu. 

09-04-2019:  Our Everest and Lhotse team memberes deparded from kathmandu and will reach namche by helicopter.

10-04-2019:  Our team today arrived in Pangboche and Mingma G will be meeting them on 14-April

13-04-2019: Our team members are reach at Base Camp. and tomorrow we will have puja which we worshipping Mother Goddess Everest for Safe 
15-04-2019: Our some team members are went to Lobuche with their  own sherpa to climb lobuche peak for the acclimatization. 

21-04-2019: All our team members are in base camp having good rest. 11 Sherpa will be going to Camp2 after 2 hours for transferring load and members will take one more day complete rest

23-04-2019:Today we finished our training in icefall and our all Sherpa team are in camp2 to prepare our camp. The team at base camp will trek to Kalapatthar for hiking. We plan to go to camp1 on Friday.

25-05-2019:  Today our members and sherpa went camp2 for the acclimatize.

29-04-2019: Back to Base Camp after acclimatization half way to camp3. Our original plan to climb Lhotse on 3 or 4 May is postponed for now because of too much wind in upcoming days.

04-05-2019: Our sherpa  team is back to Everest Base Camp having weather alerts and Mingma G flew back to Kathmandu to check chest infections.

09-05-2019: Today our Sherpa team dropped first load to camp4 i.e South Col. They will head down to camp2 and take rest there for second load and Tomorrow morning our team for Lhotse will leave from Base Camp towards Camp2. Weather looks little cloud and snow but very less wind which is important. Our team made discussion and plan to take this chance to make Lhotse Summit though it will be little cloudy that day of our summit.

10-05-2019:Lhotse Team departed for summit push. If all go good then Imagine Nepal Sherpa team will fix route to summit on 14May.

12-05-2019:Our Lhotse team is at camp3 now and planning to ascent to camp4 tomorrow. Then they plan to go Summit on 14May opening the route.

13-05-2019 our some sherpa are left 2 am from camp2 and reached Lhotse camp4 at 5:30am. Since then they are fixing rope from camp4 .They have fixed around 700m rope today and remaining will fix tomorrow morning to summit. From the beginning, Kilu Pemba has been leading rope fixing team.

14-05-2019:Huge Huge Congratulation to my Lhotse team.

2 members and Mingma will climb it after our Everest.

Today’s summiteers list
1. Dawa Gyalje Sherpa-Rolwaling
2. Kili Pemba Sherpa-Rolwaling
3. Pemba Chote Sherpa-Thame 
4. Ang jangbu Sherpa-Thame
5. Dendi Sherpa-Solukhumbu 
6. Tamting Sherpa-Rolwaling
7. Dawa Tenzing Sherpa-Rolwaling
8. Gao Li- China
9. Mr Li Xiaolin- China
10. Ms Christina Flampouri-Greece 
11. Mr Antonios Sykaris-Greece 
12.Mr Sirbaz Khan-Pakistan

Christina became First Greece woman and Sirbaz Khan became First Pakistan on Lhotse

15-05-2019: Our lhotse team members and sherpas are safely reach at Camp2.

16-05-2019:Our Everest team members and sherpa leaving tonight for summit push from Base Camp. The weather report from 20May to 23May looks good so we plan to climb to Everest and Lhotse Summit within these days. Wish to have good weather and success. 

18-05-2019:Today all our 8 clients reached camp3. Tomorrow they will climb to camp4 and make final summit push. 2 Greece women , 1 indian boy and 5 chinese are doing great and it looks we are the single team try everest on 20 may.

19-05-2019:ur all team reached south col (camp4). Weather is good with no wind. Only our team for tomorrow summit push. 5 chinese+2greece women planning for first women on everest+1 indian and 8 sherpa.

20-05-2019: Our 7 members and 7 Sherpa successfully summit Mt.Everest today morning

Huge Huge congratulation to Our Everest Team.

Summiters name list:

1. Flampouri christina -greece
2. pranay bandbuch-india
3. jia lin chang-China
4. liu yongzhong-China 
5. zeng hui wen-China
6. wang xue feng-China 
7. Dawa tenzin sherpa -Nepal
8. Tamting sherpa -Nepal
9. lakpa tamang -Nepal
10.Dawa gyalje sherpa -Nepal
11. Phurba chhotar sherpa -Nepal
12. Dendi Sherpa -Nepal.
13. Archontidou vasiliki-greece 
14.Kili Pemba sherpa -Nepal

21-05-2019:Our chinese member Mr. li xiaolin (YOLO) of Everest Expedition 2019 stood on the summit of Mt.Everest today morning at 8:00 am with Mr.Ang Jangbu sherpa. and our  other members and their sherpas are safely back to camp2. Also our chinese member Mr. li xiaolin (YOLO), Mr.Ang Jangbu sherpa and Mingma G will reach camp2 tonight .

22-05-2019: Our all team members, sherpas and two staff are safely reach at Base Camp.

23-05-2019:Our Everest and Lhotse team members are departed from basecamp by Helicopter .

24-05-2019: Our all memberes are safely reached at  kathmandu . and staffs and sherpa will leave base camp on tomorrow . Here we close our Imagine Nepal Everest Expedition 2019 and Imagine Nepal lhotse Expedition 2019 News Update.