2018 Everest Expedition photo news update : pictures 

Team 2018: We will have 8 foreign members with 11 Sherpa for Everest Expedition 2018. Beside this, we will also have 3 members and 3 sherpa on Lhotse including 8 Kitchen staffs.

16-03-2018:  Our Sherpa team departed from Kathmandu for setting base camp

24-03-2018: Our staffs team reached base camp and now busy in setting base camp

28-03-2018: Today our first member of the team, Mr Gao Li arrived in Kathmandu. Remaining 5 staffs reached to base camp today.

04-04-2018:  Today our first team member are heading to namche with leader Mingma G sherpa and we are very happy to say that our staffs has finish to set up the basecamp home and some staff are came back  to namche to welcome our member and for the company. our second team member will leave kathmandu on tomorrow morning.

09-04-2018: Today our first team member along with leader Mingma G sherpa reach at everest basecamp and tomorrow they will have puja program and then they will come back to lobuche to climb Lobuche East . our second team members with leader Dawa Gyalzen sherpa are on the way  to everest basecamp.

12-04-2018:  Today our second team member will reach at Everest Basecamp.and yesterday our basecamp puja was peacefully done and i think our team members and staffs has receive blessing from God. Today our 11 staff will go to camp1 to set up the camp.

14-04-2018 : Today our half members have successfully climb lobuje east as a part of acclimatization for Everest expedition.and yesterday our 11 sherpa could go to camp1 and they came  back safely at basecamp.congratulation all the members and 11 sherpas. 

 18-04-2018: yesterday our lerder Mr MINGA G sherpa gave excellent training on gear and climbing to our 8 members at  EBC .i have upload lot of beautiful pictours i wish i could upload video too. soour friends can see the video too.On 20 april ,our members and along with 11 sherpas will leave EBC and will go to camp one. i think our members will summit Everest easily.