elbrus17 20190826 1343921411 Mount Elbrus is a dormant volcano in the Caucasus Mountains in Southern Russia, near the border with Georgia. It could be considered the highest mountain in Europe, notwithstanding that the Caucasus mountains are at the intersection of Europe and Asia, and it is the tenth most prominent peak in the world.

Elbrus has two summits, both of which are dormant volcanic domes. The taller west summit is 5,642 metresthe east summit is 5,621 metres (18,442 ft). The east summit was first ascended on 10 July 1829 (Julian calendar) by Khillar Khachirov, and the west summit in 1874 by a British expedition led by F. Crauford Grove and including Frederick Gardner, Horace Walker, and the Swiss guide Peter Knubel of St. Niklaus. This year 2019,  First time we organized Imagine Nepal 2019 Elbrus(5642m) Expediiton. we have 12 members with leader Mingma G in this expedition and they all made  to summit of Elbrus on 22-August-2019.  We will now on organize Elbrus Every Year.


Trip 2020

Trip profile

Name: Imagine Nepal Elbrus(5642) Expedition 2020

Max.Altitude: 5642m

Expedition Season:  20th-August to 31th August

Country:   Russia

Grade:  Easy

Leader:  Mingma G

2019 Elbrus Expedition Photos:   click on me

Summit video link: https://www.facebook.com/rolwalingmingma/videos/2389654401154750/

Mt.Elbrus Expedition:https://www.facebook.com/rolwalingmingma/videos/2391496540970536/



Cost Includes

Cost Includes


Cost Excludes

Cost Excludes



1.    Passport
2.    Money, Traveler’s Cheque and Credit cards
3.    Personal Travel Insurance


1.     Sun and lip care cream-2
2.    Personal first aid kit-1
3.    Repair kit like (needle, threat) 
4.    Reading materials 
5.    Diary and Writing material
6.    Camera/video camera

1.    Harness-1
2.    Unlock karabiners -3
3.    Screw/lock karabiners-3
4.    Descender/fig.8/-1
5.    Ascender/Jumor-1
6.    Tape slings-2
7.    Set prussic loops-2
8.    Ice Axe- 1
9.    Retractable poles- 1 set
10.    Crampons-1
11.    Helmet-1
12.    Head Lamp-2
13.    Batteries- 4sets/4times changeable 
14.    Sunglass with UV rays protection-1
15.    Googles-1
16.    Water bottle-1
17.    Pee Bottle-1
18.    Ruck sack- 45-55ltr -1 
1. Sleeping Bag (30°c)-1
2. Thermarest mat-1




2019:Our team of 12 members and 4 Guides made to summit of Elbrus on 22-August-2019.
This is the first time we organized Elbrus and we had total summit on our first venture. 3 of our members made both West and East summit. We will now on organize Elbrus Every Year.

Imagine Nepal Trek and Expeditions achievements  chick on me

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